Live staff and Artificial Intelligence on Entry

Scan your Bluefit Band to enter

Be greeted by our Virtual Wall, Virtual Assistant and our friendly Reception Staff

Luxurious 5-Star Changing Suites

Cleaned after every use to meet our Impeccable Hygiene Standards

The latest Dyson Hairdryers in every suite

The Worlds First 3D Laser Scanning Room

The Worlds First Full Body 3D Laser Scanning Room

Complimentary Laser Scan every 12 Weeks to track your progress

State of The Art Equipment with built-in A.I

  • A.I integrated in all equipment
  • Simply swipe your Band and let the equipment adjust to your settings intuitively
  • Let Blu talk you through your workout
  • Pager button on all equipment
    for PT Assistance
  • Built in Netflix, Social Media, TV, Internet and Music options to provide the best entertainment for your workout
  • Individual Virtual Workout Walls – Providing over 500 Different Workouts at your leisure
  • Meditation & Breathing, Yoga, Functional Training & Pilates Training methods included

Cardio, Weights & Functional Areas to suit all training needs

The Gym that cares about you

Your own Personal Trainer Included

  • 12 Week Check-ins and Program Adjustments
  • Your own Smart Band that records all of your workout data
  • Transparently with your PT, the Equipment & Bluefit App
  • Intuitive Bluefit App that records & loads all of your workouts & progress for you
  • Complimentary Laser Scan on sign up and every 12 weeks
  • Outstanding Customer Service & Support
  • Impeccable Hygiene Standards

High Tech Security & Surveillance to ensure your safety